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If you have not yet faced the manufacture of jewelry based on 3D files, then a brief information can be found here:

For example, you liked one or several jewelry models on our website and you would like to have such jewelry, for this you need to perform these steps:

- find a jeweler or jewelry center near you;

- pick up jewelry stones for your favorite models. You can buy stones at jewelry centers, as a rule, at such centers there are specialized stores selling stones, but it is most profitable to buy stones in Thailand, India and Pakistan through social networks on Instagram. It’s more convenient to search for stone sellers in instagrams using hashtags: #gemstone, #gemstones or hashtags with the name of the stones of interest. It’s safer to buy stones from sellers who have been maintaining their Instagram profile for a long time, constantly post new publications and have a large number of publications. The first transactions are best done in small amounts, in order to avoid unforeseen situations! Payment is best done through PayPal. Delivery is carried out by postal services with the ability to track the parcel;

- buy 3D model files and place an order with a jeweler or in a jewelry center;

With this approach, the price of the jewelry made will differ from the price in the jewelry store at times, down!